Nothing Doing, Nothing Saying

Ah, blogging. Why does it seem so elusive to me? It’s been a long time since I’ve posted on here. Reading up on some of my friends blogs have inspired me to write something up for Blurty Blurt Blurt. I’m not sure what’s going to come of it.

Cool Gram

I’m taking an unexpected trip to London this weekend, to visit some family; specifically, my grandmother. She was just put into a nursing home, and is not doing well, unfortunately. I have a feeling, and not a good one. So, I’m gonna go. Hopefully I can catch a rideshare, but if not, I’ll get a car or take the bus or something.

My writing life has been fairly limp. I’ve been doing the lit event posts for blogTO for about a year, and I just passed the job along to a fellow contributor. Hopefully he can inject it with some energy, or something. I was also taking a novel writing class, but that ended up not working out. My story idea, while brilliant in my head, did not translate to paper very well. And the teacher was a bit batty, which made it hard for me to learn from her. Meh.

Photographically speaking, I’ve been taking the average amount of pics, documenting the events of my life. Looking at my Flickr set page is one of my favourite things to do… so much good times! And plenty more to come… camping this summer is gonna be wicked, and NYC over Labour Day weekend with Bex is gonna be even wickeder. I honestly don’t have any other word for it right now. Oh wait. Fabulous. Extremely Entertaining. Mind-blowing? Maybe.

Bex started a list of shit to do in New York on her blog, so I guess I should start making one, too. Here goes:

– nerdy visit to the B&H Superstore (cameras)
– tryingonbutnotbuying visit to Manolo Blahnik
– exploratory (with camera) visit to the meat packing district
– educational visits to the Met, Guggenheim, MoMA, American Museum of Natural History… if we can hack it
– fabulous visits to some Sex and the City spots
– yummy visit to Serendipity
– honourable visit to the World Trade Centre Memorial Site

I don’t know if we’re going to be able to do everything we want in just four days. We’ll see!