Exciting Things to Look Forward To

1. Stef convinced me to go with her to the Sloan concert on Oct. 6th, which is awesome, since I had planned on seeing them in Bala this weekend before plans got changed. All I have to say about that is:


P-L-A-Y Ya Ya Ya Ya!!!

2. Right after the concert, I’ll be jetting home to Windsor for Thanksgiving weekend. I don’t really like Windsor all that much, but I LOVE the small town of Maidstone, where my Dad and Stepmom live. It’s a little hamlet about 20 minutes outside of Windsor (honestly, it’s a hamlet!) It’s the epitome of small town Ontario. Very peaceful… it’s always a treat to go and spend time with the fam in the back yard (especially since it’s nicely done up with a new deck!)

3. October 25th, I’m going to The Tragically Hip at the Phoenix. It’s been four years since I’ve seen them; the last show I saw was at Pine Knob (what’s it called now? The DTE Amphitheatre or something) in Detroit, on their In Violet Light tour. Awesome as always. I get butterflies in my stomach when I think about seeing them. And at the Phoenix- it’s going to be a small crowd, and I’ve never seen them in a venue that sat less than 15 000 people!

** update… I may not be able to go… tickets are already sold out. Dammit!