I’ve been defeated by the masses. I’ve been that fish swimming upstream for too long and I’m now feeling the repercussion. All I want to do is educate people. I want to correct their mistakes. I want to let them know they are WRONG.

I only press the issue when I know I’m 100% RIGHT.

I wrote a note to the downstairs neighbours asking them to “please try to remember to clean the lint trap after every load.”

I persuaded a motorist to pull over so I could tell him to “please use your turn signals so other road users know your intentions, and please, PLEASE keep an eye out for cyclists on this weird wrong-side of the road bike lane.”

I convinced a woman, on her cell phone during a sales transaction I was processing for her, that it was “inconsiderate of her to split her attention between me, and more importantly, the person she was on the phone with.”

These black and white issues seem so… clear cut to me. But not for all. And so, I’ve been defeated. Meek or Mute. That is my new mantra.

I’m going back to school to learn computer programming, so I don’t have to talk to the general public any more.

Also, I will edit the shit out of anything you want. Seriously. Send me a piece of prose, a technical readme, some fiction, or non, or… seriously… WHATEVER. I will make it more concise, or more flowery, or… more concise. Whatever your intention, I will help you. I will help you get your point across more effectively.

The assumed result is, of course, that with the redirection of my energy from attempting to make the masses more civil to a more concentrated, less futile, effort to correct common spelling, grammatical and vocabulary missteps, I can save my sanity.

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