BSG and The Meaning Of Life

I just wanted to jot down quickly how I’ve been obsessed with the television series Battlestar Galactica lately (it happens), and I want to impress on any reader how well the show is done, and how it’s been reaffirming thoughts I’m having concerning why were all here on this big rock (I’m telling you, it’s that kind of a show).

I kind of feel like an idiot, because when I pinpointed why I think we exist, it seemed like a no brainer. It’s love, dammit. Finding those people out there who will reciprocate a passion, whom you can share your life with. Finding out who those people are is a whole other ball of wax.

Anyways, in the show there’s a group of human-made robots (the Cylons) who have evolved to look exactly like their makers, and whose last battle for the complete humanitizing of their kind is the struggle to find (and keep) love. The meaning of life.