Home from the Holidays!

Yule LogI had a great time in Windsor for Christmas, with a couple minor speed bumps. The usual good cheer towards men, but no one said anything about good cheer towards ex-friends and older brothers!

There was this girl I knew in high school- Paula- and we were best of friends in grade eleven. After an argument about the moral ineptitude of making fun of a guy wearing a turban, she decided not to be my friend anymore. It was harsh, but it was 13 years ago. I saw her at Stacey and Chris’ party on the 23rd, and she actually went out of her way to avoid me. Funny, eh? Whatev.

My brother was just being himself. And since I’ve been extra sensitive this winter, I took his criticisms hard and let it bring me down. I have to stop allowing that to happen. Whatev.

Anyways- I took some pics during my time at home… here’s a link: