Rant on the Smoking Ban

So the province-wide smoking ban came into effect at midnight last night. As if it was some kind of Armageddon that needed a countdown. *hmpf*

I can’t believe there are people out there complaining about this new by-law. The government is finally doing something to benefit Canadians, and all some people can do is bitch and moan about the infringement of their rights. COME ON. What about my rights, as a non-smoker, to not breathe in your disgusting second hand smoke?? “Go stand some place else,” a smoker might respond. Well- consider yourself TOLD (to go stand somewhere else).

I caught a bit of the news this morning (I can’t remember which channel), and a reporter was interviewing an elderly gentleman on a cafe patio…
“Why did you quit smoking, sir?” she asked.
“Massive heart attack, ” the wrinkly old man replied.
“Wow, nothing like a massive heart attack to prompt you to quit, eh?” [insert my laughter here] “What do you think of the smoking ban, sir?” she asked.
“Well, that’s a whole other, uh, story,” he said, “I don’t like that the government is messing with our rights.”

WHAT?!?!? I was appalled to hear that someone who was so emphatically effected by smoking would have that point of view. He is first hand proof that smoking is a BAD BAD thing. I think the fact that the government is finally relinquishing their allegiance to the cigarette corporations is fabulous. Get some BALLS! Cigarettes kill people. So do a lot of other things. But if the government can do something about it, they should. And so they have.

All of the bar and restaurant owners who are pissing and moaning about how their business is going to suffer… do your research. We haven’t been able to smoke indoors in Toronto for a year now, and I guarantee business hasn’t suffered enough to warrant their worries. In fact, as far as as I can tell, there are way fewer smokers nowadays… so as Business 101 teaches- cater to the majority. I bet you a million bucks your patrons will enjoy your establishment more now, which will in turn prompt them to spend more time there (not to mention money). SO SUCK IT UP!

What’s the next step in the fight against evil cancer sticks everywhere? In my opinion, the government should make the sale of cigarettes illegal (on par with marijuana), or at least regulating the sale of cigarettes more closely- with the NicBO (as opposed to the LCBO).

An old photo of James, back in his smoking days.