Every apartment has problems, right?!?

So- I’m moved in, and in the process of unpacking in my new bedroom. I hear someone in the shower upstairs and I think, wow- that’s pretty loud. Next thing I hear is, “drip, drip, drip”. I look up, and there’s a patch in the ceiling and water dripping from it. So that’s what the stain on the carpet is from. Dammit. Luckily, the leak only occurs when the upstairs shower is draining.

So, I go to bed on Sunday, after a loooooong day of moving, and above me I can hear something scurrying around… it sounds like a chihuahua running around upstairs. The next day, I call the “superintendant” (well, the middle man to the landlord, anyways), and I ask if the upstairs tenant has a dog or cat. His answer, “Not that I’m aware of.” So- there are mice in the ceiling. And I found mice poop under the sink. Dammit. I guess I’ll have to set some traps.

One good thing though- free cable!

I’ll post some photos when I’ve got internet up and running at home. I’ve got a good one of my purple toe!