Everyone And Their Dog

So… crikey! I used to complain that my family never came to see me here in Toronto (they’re mostly in Windsor), but this week, they’ve ALL decided to come up! I’ve booked some time off work, and am looking forward to a nice five-day weekend. It’s not going to be all that relaxing! Lots of fun will be had, though.. I’m sure of it! Here’s what my upcoming schedule looks like:

– Friday night, wash and vacuum floors in apartment, meet up with James, Oriana and everyone for drinks somewhere (James just got word that he’s getting a hasty hip surgery, probably in September; and Oriana’s is back from school in London, England).
– Saturday, my brother Derek, his wife Karie and my nephew Evan arrive in the early afternoon. We’re going to a Jays game, which starts at 1pm. My first baseball game ever!
– My best friend Stacey arrives! We’ll have dinner with Derek, Karie, and Evan.
– Saturday night, Derek and Co. may or may not be staying at my place. We’ll maybe go to a movie or something, since the forecast is calling for stormy weather (surprise, surprise).
– Sunday, say goodbye to Derek and Co., and then chill with Stacey aaaaaallll daaaaay loooooooong. Oh, and we might have to do some yard work, to prepare the back yard for the BBQ. I should also try and get all the peeps together Sunday night on a patio so Stacey can see everyone. Kylie will also be coming over to bake a birthday cake for Canada.
– Monday, the world is at my doorstep (I just booked this day off work). I should take a trip to the grocery store and the liquor at some point, so we can stock up for the BBQ.
– Monday afternoon/evening, say goodbye to the lovely Stace.
– Tuesday morning, decorate for the BBQ. BBQ is from 3-10pm. And then it’s the fireworks!
– Wednesday, Dad and Shirl arrive early afternoon. We’re going to see Dirty Dancing the musical that night. I’m totally looking forward to this!
– Thursday morning, say goodbye to Dad and Shirl, and then it’s back to work. Meh!


The photo is from Derek, Karie and Evan’s last trip to Toronto in March, when we went to visit our cousin Jen at the CTV television station.
See more pics from that here: