I Say No More

No more waking up weekends and not having a plan. I absolutely love lounging about the whole day long, but I’m beginning to think it’s not good for my psyche. Once the weekend is over, I feel empty, unaccomplished, sloth-like. Why is this just starting now? I’ve never felt this way before.

There’s an easy solution. Usually if I have a busy day ahead of me, I’ll mentally go over the most efficient sequence of events, during the first few minutes before I open my eyes in the morning. I think that’s what I’ve got to do, even if my day isn’t busy. Or maybe doing this will create the feeling of a busy day, so I’ll step out of bed in the morning already in second gear.

I also need to be more productive, creatively speaking. I’ve got this wicked awesome camera (the Canon EOS-1D Mark III) on loan from work, and I’ve barely used it. I’m supposed to be checking to see that everything on the camera is functional; I already know it is, but I should be using this opportunity more to my advantage. Here’s a pic I’ve taken with it!

092108_ 009

It’s Queenie, of course!