To My Dear, Ridiculous, MPs

A letter to some of our hard-working government MPs:

I was made aware of the current “filibuster” issue in the House of Commons, in regards to Bill C-377. Is it true that the MPs included in this email are purposely blocking the progress of Bill C-377 by preventing other members of the committee to speak on the topic? If so, this is a horrendous mistake, and not representative of our democratic system. Regardless of the fact that Bill C-377 is an extremely important step forward in the fight against climate change, this method of manipulative politicking is ridiculous, and should not be allowed.

Back to Bill C-377. I’ve read over the summary, interpretation, purpose, etc. (found here:, and I don’t see why this bill can’t be passed, without further delay.

I’m fairly certain any hangups have to do mostly with economics. What needs to be emphasized is this: if we don’t take measures to diminish and reverse the effects of climate change, THERE WILL BE NO ECONOMY. I know this is quite a broad statement, but after all is said and done, it’s the truth. I think you’re also forgetting that changes made in an effort to battle climate change will generate NEW jobs for Canadians, not just take away jobs from those working in/benefiting from, for example, the oil industry and/or corporate agreements with these companies.

I’m hoping my voice is heard, and that you understand my voice represents many, many people within my community (Parkdale), my city (Toronto) and my country (the beautiful, and ever-influential CANADA).

Kari Gignac

If you feel as strongly about our environment as I do, feel free to copy this letter and send it along to the following MPs (the one’s responsible for the filibuster), as well as your own local MP. Thanks.

Luc Harvey, MP for Louis-Hebert, QC, (418) 648-3244
Maurice Vellacott, MP for Saskatoon-Wanuskewin, SK, (306) 975-4725
Jeff Watson, MP for Essex, ON, (519) 776-4700
Mark Warawa, MP for Langley, BC, (604) 534-5955
Hon. John Baird, MP for Ottawa-West Nepean, ON, (613) 990-7720
Right Hon. Stephen Harper, Prime Minister, AB, Tel (403) 253-7990