Alright Already

I think that last angry post has been up long enough to get my point across. Or has it? Either way, I’m sure you’re all (however many of you still check this regularly to see if there’s anything new in my life) sick of seeing that bold red lettering.

I haven’t updated this blog in the past month, because I’ve been obsessing with non-blog related things. Like Harry Potter at the beginning of the summer, and crazy websites like and, where you can watch any television show at your own leisure (like Weeds, Lost, Dead Like Me, and Arrested Development– my personal favourites).

In the past month, a couple of momentous occasions took place. First off, we had the 10th anniversary of our annual Wheatley camping trip- which is always a good time. This year, we went back to the namesake park in Wheatley, and had a great time, as usual.

Click on the link below to see the rest of the photos from camping:

Secondly, I turned 30. And although I’m not entirely pleased with this, I did have a fabulous surprise birthday party planned by my friends. I was completely shocked- I had a small clue but didn’t follow up on my hunch- I’m glad I didn’t! They also bought me an effing dishwasher, which is probably the best birthday gift I’ve ever received. WOOT!