Weekend Update

This week is dragging by for me, just like last week, but it also feels like I’ve been busier than normal. Could be the chaos that is work right now… I haven’t even posted about the weekend yet! So here goes:

Amy's Ending Position Friday was James’ birthday, so we went tobogganing at Bickford Park and then to Dragonfly for a few drinks. After, we hauled ourselves up to College for some early morning breakfast at Mars. The craziest thing is, on the streetcar up we totally met up with Julia and Kevin! If there’s anyone I bump into on the TTC, it’s Julia and Kevin. It’s kinda weird actually. To see all the photos from sledding, click HERE.

Saturday, Stef and I watched all the Harry Potter movies. Like I said earlier today to my co-worker- I’m currently Harry Potter retarded. So who should I spy on the cover of the National Post this morning? Daniel Radcliffe… topless. That’s Harry Potter- spindly boy wizard- half nude. I don’t know what disturbs me more; Potter’s nipples out in the open, or the fact that I sorta liked it. Sheesh. What’s more- he’ll be starring in a play called Equus, as a stable boy with an unhealthy obsession with his steeds, and in one scene, he’ll be nude. With a horse. Yikes!

Sloan DowntownMoving on… Saturday night we went check out Sloan at Nathan Phillips Square. What a great show… way better than the show I saw at the KoolHaus back in November! First of all- I was able to bounce with the crowd since my back wasn’t being a pain, plus- they played a bunch of they’re older stuff, which was awesome, and also- Stef was here to see it (she was supposed to come to the KoolHaus, but was in Asia instead)! More photos HERE.

Sunday I did nothing. I was thinking about going to the AGO to see the Ansel Adams/Alfred Eisenstaedt show, but it looked cold outside. So I stayed in. And played Neverwinter Nights!