Virgin Festival Toronto 2007- Worth The Money!

Bjork is the Glow in the Middle
Back in- oh, I don’t know- March? I purchased tickets online for Vfest, and I didn’t pick them up until last week… I missed out on the anticipation having the tix in hand brings! Regardless, this weekend on the island was an awesome time. I got to hang out with Bex, who’s become fairly sparse as of late (stupid Toronto FC calendar, stealing my Bex away)… the weather was beautiful on Saturday, and bearable on Sunday (it didn’t rain on us at all, thank god!), and the music, obviously, kicked ass.

Toronto Island Sunset with Couple SilhouettedSaturday, we managed to catch the Arctic Monkeys, Interpol, a wicked sunset, some crazy Canadian Geese, and then Bjork with her outrageous gold lamé dress and mind-blowing reacTable

Sunday, we headed over earlier (tried to, anyways), and caught a bit of Tokyo Police Club, Stars, some cow porn at the Centreville Petting Zoo, The Killers, Editors, and then the grand finale- the Smashing Pumpkins.

Man, I’m tired now. Still!

Check out the rest of the photos I took here: