Art Challenge – Day One

My friend Stef challenged me… post three pieces of your artwork and nominate two of your friends to join the challenge each day, for five days. That’s five projects, and 15 pieces of art, and 10 friends. That’s a beautiful spreadsheet. Are charts and graphs considered art?

Love that song. Can’t look at a pie chart without it popping into my head.

Anyways – down to business. The first three pieces of art are from a TtVF series I did back in 2006. There’s four pics, the last is of the contraption I McGuyvered together to get my digital SLR to shoot Through the ViewFinder of my twin lens reflex medium format film camera. The contraption is so big because my 18-85mm doesn’t focus that close. :/305961645_90eceeb82e_o





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