Walkerville Art Walk… Discovering The ‘Hood

I took a walk with Stace yesterday, around the neighbourhood, to check out the Art Walk. We got a bit of a late start; we went to check out the new Downtown Farmer’s Market first, where I purchased a luscious cucumber melon hand cream puck from Harrow’s Faerhaven. We also saw some of a busker act while we were down there. When we got back to Walkerville, the rain started, soooo… we didn’t get to see as much I would’ve liked, but alas! It was a great opportunity to check out some of the shops around my new place, and to appreciate some work done by local artists.

We headed to The Yoga Loft first, since Stace teaches there and I’d never been up. What a beautiful space! Lots of long hallways to display lots of art, too.

The grand entrance to The Yoga Loft.

Then we headed west, and checked out Jones & Co., a great little vintage shop with lots and lots of interesting merchandise. It’s owned by Stacey’s boyfriend’s sister’s boyfriend’s mom. LOL Stacey found a companion candle holder to one that her mom has had for years, and if I didn’t need prescription glasses, I would’ve totally bought these sweet shades.

Some sweet vintage shades. I think my grandma had a pair like this.

The day was getting long, so we made one last quick stop into the Walkerville Tavern (Stacey’s parent’s neighbour’s establishment, I’m sensing a theme here)… a cute little bar with a perfect “table” for displaying some art.

Art inside Walkerville Tavern.

Then we headed to the Kildare, to meet Mr. Stacey’s soccer team, and because that’s where we always end up. It’s a good place to end up. 🙂

The gates to heaven. Errrrr… I mean, the Kildare.