I Love Living In Walkerville

I just read through an excellent “virtual tour” of Walkerville, and I learned so much about my new neighbourhood. I find the history of this area absolutely fascinating, and it makes me a bit giddy to look out the window and see century-old buildings, the foundation of the town of Walkerville. I’m a history nerd, I can’t help it.

The Old Victoria Tavern was originally called the Walkerville Exchange, and was a rooming house for people traveling on the train from the Walkerville Train Station. The building that’s there now was built in 1903, and was originally only two storeys. In 1906, a third storey was added. The house that sits just south of it was actually moved from the location of the tavern by the owner, Frank Laforet. That house was the original Exchange. The name of the tavern changed to the Victoria Hotel in 1930.

Like I said, fascinating! If it wasn’t so hot, I’d go out and take more pics.

Here’s a link to the virtual tour:

A view of the tavern from my front window.