Unexpected Messages

I just received an gmail chat message from someone I rarely speak to- someone I don’t think I’ve ever even had a conversation with- saying he’s thinking about me and sending a smile my way. Which is super nice! But strange.

And yesterday, I got a message via Facebook from an old boyfriend saying he’s about to be a dad, and how intense is that, and remember when we hooked up blah blah blah? WTF?

Don’t get me wrong, these messages of kindness are very nice to get, and I do appreciate them, but I can’t help second guessing them. Did someone hack into their accounts and send a message on their behalf, without them knowing? Is it all part of a big conspiracy to make Kari feel worthy of attention, only to be shucked back down to size in the near future by some virtual slap in the face (the possibilities are endless).

Bah! It is what it is.


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