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SquishyFor postings sake. That’s it. And I’m bored at work.

Today is “Parts Tuesday”. We list cameras that need repair, or those that have been repaired but have been abandoned by the original owners. We have to be careful when wording the description for these parts cameras, even though in BOLD ORANGE LETTERS there is a disclaimer that says these cameras are being SOLD FOR PARTS. We get customers calling us after they’ve received their parts cameras, wanting a refund or an exchange because they don’t work. WELL, DUH!

It’s not just the parts listings, either. It happens all the time. Part of my job is answering the “QFS” (question for seller) emails. I get some of the stupidest queries in the world. I spend most of my morning typing out the words, “As stated in the description on eBay…” (that’s a lie, actually- I’ve set up an auto-type function to write out those words immediately when I type “As st”). I can partly understand the situation if the querant doesn’t speak English. But most of our questions come from North Americans.

ScrapeyWhat frustrates me even more is the fact that many buyers on eBay just skim through a listing, ignoring the pertinent information (like a refund policy, or shipping prices, or warranty info, or the CONDITION of the item they’re buying). Seriously! If you’re going to spend $400 on something online, would you not take the time and effort to read about what you’re buying??!? The worst is when we get people saying, “this lens isn’t compatible with my camera, so I want a refund”. Sorry- we clearly state the compatibility of ALL of our items in the description. Bah!

I must say though, the most infuriating question I get is, “I live in the USA… does this North American warranty apply?” What the??!?

Photos of our eBay mascots (Squishy and Scrapey), taken with one of today’s parts cameras. LOL!


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