It’s been a while… but this is a good one.

So there I was, riding north on Church, heading to work. All of a sudden I see this dark shadow out of the corner of my eye, and the slightest nudge against the rubber end of my handle bar. A shiny black Lincoln Continental just about tipped me over.

I caught up to her at the next light (which also happened to be my destination, so that was convenient). Her window was already rolled down, so I leaned over and said, “Hey.” No reply. She had some ear buds in. Who wears headphones in a car?? Anyways- I said, a bit louder, “HEY.” Still no reply. “HEEEEEEEEEEY!” Finally I got her attention.

“Do you realize you just about hit me back there?” I asked.
She had the gall to reply, “You should’ve moved over. I’m driving a big car.”
“Just because you drive a big car, doesn’t give you more right to be on the road,” I explained.
“Well, as soon as you start paying taxes, and insurance, and blah blah blah…” she starts spewing out.
I kinda laugh under my breath. This is an easy argument to win. “As soon as you start paying the medical bills for all the people who have gotten sick from your carbon emissions, blah blah blah…”
She drives off. Typical reaction from a motorist. So I yell after her…


I apologized to the pedestrians on the street around me. They smiled.

End rant.
Stupid motorists.


3 thoughts on “BIKE RANT

  1. I’m driving a big car so you should have moved over??Start quoting the highway and traffic act. You are ENTITLED to move out from the curb if you feel your safety is in danger. What an time inform the driver the ONLY tax they pay that you do not is the gas tax – and THAT is the truth.

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