Tired After A Busy Weekend…

After complaining about doing too little last weekend, I decided to load up my calendar this time around. I had a busy weekend! I took a tonne of photos, which is always a good indication that I had a really good time…

Firstly, there was a movie being shot in my driveway. As annoying as it was that they were totally infringing on our property, it was cool to see all the cameras, the expensive car they were using in the shoot, and the actors running around in super hero tights. The movie is Kick-Ass, a comic book film that’s supposed to come out next year.

Then it was off to Caroline’s housewarming/birthday party. James’ sister is just as cool as James. And she makes a wicked chocolate spice cake.

Saturday morning I woke up early to catch the sunrise with Stef and a couchsurfer from The Beaches named Rodney. I love sleeping in. Looooooooooove. But sometimes, I need to get up before the sun, and reconnect. Enjoy something visual that isn’t digitally transmitted. You know? Plus, sunrises are the most beautiful things I can think of to take photographs of…

There It Is! Vertical
Saturday night was Nuit Blanche, an all-night art show across the city. It’s cool. I think this year’s was better than last year’s, but not as good as the first year. That’s my assessment, anyways. I haven’t uploaded the pics from that night yet, but they’ll be up in my Flickr stream soon… http://www.flickr.com/photos/ravenswift/


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