What the Liberals Are Offering…

Federal Leader: Stéphane Dion
Parkdale-High Park: Gerard Kennedy
Female Candidates: 37%

What’s mentioned on their website:
1. Economic prosperity
2. Social justice
3. Environmental sustainability

Concerning the issues that I feel are most important to me:

The first hit in a search for Afghanistan on the Liberal website brought up an article concerning the Conservative’s secrecy of its actions in Afghanistan, and an appeal for more communication between the Tories and the opposition. As of right now, the Liberals support the Canadian military mission in Afghanistan until 2011.

The Environment…
The Liberal’s have a nifty “Green Shift” plan, with a spiffy website to go along with it. It’s based mostly on tax cuts, using money as a motivator. While I see the merit of this approach, I try not to think of Canadians as such money-grubbers. The plan might just work, though, if put into place… money talks, or so they say. They talk about supporting a shift from fossil to renewable fuels and emphasizing conservation in Canadian households, but they also explicitly mention that corporate tax cuts will happen, to “attract investment and create jobs”, and at one point, abruptly discounts any suspicion that this is tax grab by the government.

The Federal Budget…
The Liberals are just trashing the Conservative’s economical progress (or lack thereof), which is normal, and warranted. But they do go on to say they want to work towards, “an economy based on knowledge, ingenuity and innovation. An economy that is economically and environmentally sustainable, spearheading new green technologies.”

Northern Sovereignty…
Liberal Northern Affairs critic Larry Bagnell says:
“Canada’s North means more than just resources to be exploited and good locations for military installations. There are very serious issues in the North that the federal government must address including literacy, the climate change crisis, and settling land claims. Only the Liberal Party has a strategy to deal with all of these issues.”
They want to give them some money and better education, make sure land claims settlement programs are played out, curb arctic waste dumpings and climate change, buy some search and rescue planes and station them in the north, complete northern seabed mapping, and re-instate a Circumpolar Ambassador. All good things! The Liberals have a clear plan for the north, I just hope they stick to their word, if elected.

Next, I’ll be summing up what I think The Green Party can offer…


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