What The NDP Is Saying…

Federal Leader: Jack Layton
Parkdale-High Park: Peggy Nash
Female Candidates: 39%

What’s mentioned first and foremost on their website:
1. More jobs, in a new energy sector.
2. “Protect and modernize” public health care- with environmental emphasis.

Concerning the issues that I feel are most important to me:

Sadly, a search for “Afghanistan” on the NDP website results in numerous (probably around 98) statements given by Layton, expressing his condolences. I say sadly, only because of how truly sad the war in Afghanistan is. The NDP are working to get our combat troops out of that country, and to emphasize peace-keeping. Here’s the NDP response to the Tory/Lib Afghanistan mission extension, from Mar. 14, 2008:
“The NDP’s plan for peace includes pursuing a political solution delivered by the UN. The UN’s mandate to preserve and promote international peace and security and its longstanding experience in peace negotiations make it the appropriate international body to be in charge in Afghanistan – not NATO.”

The Environment…
We know that the environment is a big part of the NDP’s platform. They’ve already passed Bill C-377– Kyoto Plus, which sets scientifically based targets for lowering emissions (an 80% reduction from 1990 levels by 2050, with interim targets every five years). They’ve also re-worked the budget to put more money into the environment, rather than offer corporate tax cuts. What’s best, is that they incorporate the environment on almost every level of their platform. There aren’t many facts though, on what they plan to do if the NDP get the majority of votes.

The Federal Budget…
I’m finding the NDP website a bit frustrating. The others have categorized their platform into pertinent sub-sections, but the NDP site just lays out all of their past successes. Alas, I can gather from the site that the NDP believe the forestry industry workers (and the working person in general) are an important part of Canada, and that their jobs need to be protected. The NDP is also working for cheaper education, and diminishing the gap between the rich and everyone else.

Northern Sovereignty…
The last thing I wanted to research was the plan to protect our northern sovereignty. Layton actually went on an extensive tour of the Arctic last year, and came up with a few ideas. Mostly, he wants to invest in northern community infrastructure, such as a deep-water port in Iqaluit. I think this is a step in the right direction.

Stay tuned for my notes on what the Liberal Party is offering…


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