Five Years Ago Today…

The eastern seaboard of the US and most of southwestern Ontario were plunged into darkness. I just realized that the Blackout of 2003 was a pivotal event in my life (as it surely was for many other people).

I was working at Exclusively Women’s Fitness Centre at the time, which refused to shut down, even though the government had asked all non-essential services to close until the power grid could be repaired and rebooted. Morally-minded as I am, I refused to work that day and left. A couple days later, I was fired.

The firing was a good thing, though. I hated my job there (I was responsible for telling women they were fat and that they needed to join a gym- I really wasn’t very good at it). I hated the city I was in (Windsor- the arm pit of Ontario). I hated my life (living at my parents). It was Beth that invited to visit her, indefinitely, in Toronto. I packed up my CRV (back then I drove a car, what was I thinking?!?) and headed for the Big Smoke.

This was five years ago. It seems like FOREVER ago… but man, does time fly. I’ve learned so much since then, experienced so much, and have made so many excellent friends. At the time, I was really upset about being fired. I didn’t know what I was going to do. I still didn’t know what I was going to do, even when I arrived in Toronto. My never-ending gratitude goes out to Beth, who gave me a place to stay, a shot at a job (which I still have now), and the WILL TO LIVE ON!

Sideways Jaw Drop and Tongue In Ear


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