Lo and Behold

This is why I keep all of my old notebooks.

Here’s a poem I found in a notebook from 2006… I don’t even remember writing it.

With a newcomer’s eye
The city looks beautiful
And unclean
And Unseen
Looking up to see the tops of sky-coloured towers
and down to see homeless feet sticking out from beneath pavement-coloured blankets
The Attractions and Distractions
The city’s full of them
The ride on the streetcar
Jolting and cramped
Not annoying as it is to all the regular riders
Getting a crick in the neck from looking out
But not a pain in the neck
The city remains interesting
No matter if seen with fresh or old, rotten eyes
And the inspiration (the gentleman one seat ahead)
Dismounts at Portland
Have a nice night

LOLOL… man, what a difference two years can make.

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