Throw Back with the Navigator

So… I have to blog about this. It’s the kind of thing where one particular song, or person, or… anything really (in this case, a movie) continues to pop up in random conversations. This time, it’s the classic 80s sci-fi Disney flick, Flight of the Navigator.

I remembered watching the movie when I was a kid. I remembered loving it. I knew that it was similar to other movies of that era like *Batteries Not Included, Short Circuit and E.T.. Bex was telling me that she “stole” a few movies from her boyfriend, and Flight of the Navigator was one of them. I couldn’t resist.

It was AWESOME. The best parts were the flying sequences, with the rad 80s electronic music pumping in the background. Think Neverending Story (Vaaaaaaaalkoooooooor!), but instead of a big white furry dragon, it’s a svelte spacecraft kind of shaped like a Hershey’s Kiss, and instead of the Neverending Story theme song, it’s a boop-beep-boop filled electro-pop song (with violins)! So good.

And, I was testing out that W200 digital camera this weekend… Here’s a pic from the memorial that’s popped up at Richmond and Niagara, honouring the two guys that were shot and killed there on June 13th. They still haven’t found the coward that did it.

And here’s a pic of Ori (welcome home Ori!!!) with her beautiful hair:


One thought on “Throw Back with the Navigator

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