The Perks Are Good

Perk. An added bonus to one’s employment. How and why did “perk” come to mean what it does? Apparently, it’s short for the term “perquisite“. Crazy English language and it’s crazy evolution.

Anyways… back to the perks. I might be able to get this camera for cheap:
Supposedly, the battery doesn’t charge, so we were going to sell it for parts. However, if I just procure another battery from somewhere… I can use it. We’ll see how much my boss is willing to let it go for. It’s a pretty sweet little camera. I’ve been wanting to get a point and shoot for a long time now. I’ve taken this Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W200 home, and I’ll be testing it out all this weekend. That’s a big perk, right there.

Oh, and we get free crappy coffee.


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