If I can walk there faster than the estimated shipping time, can I come pick it up?

About a month ago now, I snagged a brand new copy of Wes Anderson’s Rushmore (Criterion Collection) off of eBay. Some women in Oregon was selling it. Great price, quick and painless payment via PayPal (thanks blogTO), and only… what?? 2-4 weeks shipping time?? I couldn’t believe that when I read it. Lo and behold, 29 days after the end of auction, the DVD finally shows up. Bah! I hope it works.

Now, I’ve got Rushmore and The Royal Tannenbaum’s on Criterion Collection DVD. I have The Life Aquatic, somewhere, too… I just need to find out who I lent it to. Anyone??


2 thoughts on “If I can walk there faster than the estimated shipping time, can I come pick it up?

  1. I’ve purchased the same Criterion DVDs you named. I’ve been a film-fanatic all my life, accumulating well over 6,000 VHS tapes, and now almost 3,000 DVDs. I could give you all kinds of tips on where to go for the hard-to-find obscurities, and who to call for OOP titles, but I won’t bog down this comment.In good faith, and with the best intentions, I advise you to use eBay only as a LAST RESORT for desirable films. If you can get them elsewhere, do so. On rare occasions, there are good finds on eBay, and you won’t get shafted, but that’s only on RARE OCCASIONS. If I had to give you a percentage of satisfaction when you figure in ALL of these important factors: (1)quality, (2)price, (3)shipping charges, (4)shipping time, and (5)ease of returns of bum DVD/VHS titles, I would say your chances of being completely happy with eBay’s home video vendors are about 10% positive. My name is Dana.

  2. Holy movie collection, Batman!I actually don’t shop on eBay all that often. I work in the eBay department of a camera store, and know all about the risks involved with shopping on there. What floors me time and time again, is the complete disregard some of the CUSTOMERS have for their own financial well being. People asking if the item is compatible, or how much shipping is, or if the thing even works, <>after<> they’ve won the auction. It just kills me. Anyways… like I said, I rarely shop on eBay. I only use it to buy DVDs! You can get them for MUCH cheaper on eBay than you can in a store.

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