Groceries, and How It Pertains To Dirty Dancing

I’m finally doing a bit of preparation for this week’s meals. I’ve always known this was a good idea, I just never thought of it at the right time (ex: directly before going to the grocery store). So, looking at what I have in my cupboards (which isn’t much), I found a few recipes that will hopefully utilize the random things I already have, with minimal amount of extra purchases. We’ll see what comes of it!

The first dish is crab quiche. I bought pie shells a few weeks ago, and have some imitation crab meat in the freezer that needs to be used up. So for this dish, I still have to buy eggs and milk (the recipe calls for cream, but I’m just going to use less milk and more… something else… I dunno).

Next will be some pita pizzas… I’ve got two pitas in my freezer that need eating. So I’m going to hit the deli and get a tiny amount of pepperoni and a couple mushrooms to make my favourite kind of pizza… uhh… that’s pepperoni, mushroom and cheese.

Humongous Sandwich
Next on the list is some sandwiches. Again the deli will help me out here. I always forget how much I like sandwiches. I’ll probably get some thinly sliced chicken breast, and maybe a couple slabs of bologna, so as to kick it old school style (one of my fave things to eat when I was young was bologna, cheese and mustard sandwiches at Lenora’s place…. ahhh, good times). The photo above is of a delectable sandwich Eric made for Stef’s birthday picnic. Soooo gooooood.

Last on the list is chili. I bought a crap load of beans for a salad that never got made, so I’ll use them in a chili instead. I can freeze a bunch and it’ll last longer- perfect for lunches.

Anyways… that’s what I’m eating this week. Just so you know. LOL.

Another memory from Lenora’s place back in Maidstone was watching Dirty Dancing over and over and over and over again. That movie pretty much taught me everything about boys and sex and whatnot. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not! Dad and Shirl are coming to Toronto on July 2nd, and we’re going to take in the musical rendition of Dirty Dancing. I’ve heard the show is spectacular, and with all the good memories I have of the movie, I’m super excited to see it. Even though I’ve lived in Toronto for almost five years (five years!!?!), I haven’t seen a musical since Les Mis, in grade 11 (I think it was 11…).


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