Weekend Update

Bex‘s Champagne birthday was on Friday, so we celebrated on Saturday at the Rhino just up the street. Good times were had by all…

Bex and Ame

We started here at home, and then walked up the street, and then came back, and then some people left again, and then came back. Tyndall is where it’s at.

Prior to the party, though, I spent the day getting my hair did. It’s did alright!

Moi (with new haircut)

Sunday we went to the Caddy for the breakfast again, except I asked for a lunch menu item. I just really can’t stomach the breakfast there! Runny eggs and weird tasting potatoes. The regular french fries are awesome though, so it’s all good.


The best part of the weekend, though, was the fact that Ben was here! Sweet Joseph of Aremethea, I love that man!

More photos from the Rhino and breakfast here:

And this morning, James, Stef and I met up for some free pancakes at Nathan Phillips Square. Bike Week officially kicked off!


See more photos from city hall here:


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