How Can They Be So Unconscionably in Denial?

The US government is trying to get the UN to weaken their stance on global warming. They want strong, goal-oriented points on the agenda for the next G8 meeting removed, and replaced with one slack-jawed ignoramus of a sentence. See here:


Unfuckingbelievable. I know Canada isn’t doing much better right now, when it comes to direct initiatives for battling climate change, but COME ON! The US needs to stop trying to bully everyone else around, stop whining about how much money they’re going to lose, and GET ON BOARD. “Things” are much bigger than you, George Bush; bigger than even the White House, or Washington, or the US… we’re talking about the future of the PLANET EARTH. As a whole.

Man, I sound like Peter Petrelli right now.


One thought on “How Can They Be So Unconscionably in Denial?

  1. I agree with you that every one needs to get on board – however i highly doubt the US is the only country trying to get changes made. Isn’t putting the right to water in our own constitution and protecting some of the last fresh water in the world some thing that deserves just as much attendtion?Is it any surprize that the US is trying to make changes? I think they’ve shown the world that they dont give a shit what the UN says. Look at all the invasions over the last 10 yrs. How many of those were sanctioned and approved by the UN? When the UN found no weapons of mass destruction, the US invaded Iraq anyway – thus making any power the UN had null and void.Depending on a world wide organization full of corrruption, personal and political agendas, greed and red tape to enforce world climate change is barking up the wrong tree. The UN continues to show itself a useless and backboneless super power. Change will only come when individuals start making better lifestyle choices – including our little group of green lovers – and revold against our culture of mass consumption.

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