Weekend Update

This past weekend was fun and tiring all at the same time.

Friday night we started out by pre-drinking at James’ place…

Gathered, Waiting

And then we went to celebrate Colin’s 30th at Lot 16. It was awesome to see all of his old buddies there, and the whole bar sang to him when the cake was brought out (I think most people at the bar were there to see Colin spin anyways). It almost brought a tear to my eye!

Saturday morning Stef and I woke up early to go get some free compost from the city

Free Compost

Saturday night the weather was crappy, so I watched movies all day. The Princess Bride, some Sex and the City episodes (season three)… and I rented The Last King of Scotland and The Queen. Both were just meh.

Sunday Stef came over and we worked on the garden some more…


Sunday night I vegged out in front of the TV. Gotta watch The Simpsons!

The weekend continued last night with a BBQ at Clark’s place. There was lots of meat…

Passionate BBQing

All in all, a weekend well spent. Here’s a link to more photos:


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