An Eventful Ride In

This morning was full of action.

I was riding up King Street, when a silver Toyota 4Runner pulls up beside me and asks me where my helmet is… it was Bex‘s parents! I told them I don’t have a helmet (I know, I’m stupid), but that not having a helmet isn’t illegal. They just said to be careful. I bet you any money Bex’s mom is going out to buy me a helmet today. Or not… but I wouldn’t be surprised! She’s the overly generous type of woman! Funny thing is, we were both heading to the same block (Church and Queen)… and I beat them here!

And then, in the business district, I noticed this guy on a too-small bike weaving on and off the sidewalk, passing me and cutting and me off. I caught up to him at the next stop light, and this is how the conversation went:

Me: “Hey… where’d you learn how to ride your bike?”
Him: “Wha?”
Me: “Where did you learn to ride your bike?”
Him: “Wha?” (I don’t think English was his first language)
Me: “Man, you shouldn’t ride on the sidewalks like that.”
Him: “Yeah, but…”
Me: “Yeah, but, nothing. It’s illegal. It’s dangerous for everyone around you. And the more you break the rules, the less respect everyone else has for us cyclists. So just don’t ride on the sidewalk!”

At this point, the light turns green. I say to him “Go!”, but he just stands there. “Go, go!” I say. Finally, he gets off his bike, and pulls it up onto the sidewalk beside him, so I can go first. Now it was my turn to be confused. Wha?

Anyways- Neil says cyclists won’t follow the rules until there are serious repercussions for breaking the biking laws. So, from now on, YOU BETTER FOLLOW THE RULES, OR I’LL MAKE YOU LOOK LIKE A DUMB ASS. So there.


3 thoughts on “An Eventful Ride In

  1. HahahahahahaThat’s funny. My folks caught me yesterday without my helmet and I got in shit for it. They’re like the helmet police! But rightfully so. My excuse for not wearing me was because I didn’t want to mess up my hair. I guess that won’t matter if my brains are on the sidewalk.EeewwwwwwwwYeah, man there are some crazy cyclists out there. The warm weather has brought them out of the wood work!

  2. Kari, it truly crossed my mind to buy you a helmet but unfortuantely, my spending days have come to an abrupt end. So it’s up to you top go buy and WEAR A HELMET! You are too precious to lose to a brain injury!!!Bex mom.

  3. Plus helmets are like 14 dls or so, not that expensive if you compare with how much your head is worth. They’re really cute at Canadian Tire, I just bought one.

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