And now, a poem:

A Chorus of Forests
by Robyn Levy, 1993

Somewhere over the landfill…
a chorus of forests
surround our souls
it sings:
flush unbleached paper
down toilet bowls
write recycled letters
swap second-hand chairs
fax politicians
recite world peace prayers
eat organic
from a breeze-blown hammock
pedal your way across town
collect pine cones
volcanic stones
listen to nature’s sounds
illuminate the dimly lit
plant some tulips in the T.V. set
ban clear cutting
protect water sheds
dream multi-cultural dreams
from benevolent beds
harmonize with the spruce and the pine
do it now, while there’s still time!

(from a t-shirt my mom bought me back when I was 15-years-old)

This weekend, I definitely did my part for the Earth Day celebration. On Saturday, James, Stef and I biked to Oakville on the Waterfront Trail. It was awesome! I didn’t think I could do it, but four hours of pedalling was easier than I thought.

And then today, Stef, Kylie, Bex and I started the garden. We raked away the stone layer and dug up the dirt beneath into four 4’x4′ beds. That’s as far as we got. There was SO MUCH TRASH to dig up. It was unbelievable. Someone must’ve buried their garbage there. Plastic bags mostly, because whatever was in them turned to rot… so fortunately, the soil in my back yard seems very rich and moist. With LOTS of worms. I was happy about that. A good start to the garden, I think.


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