If We All Follow The Rules, Cycling Will Be Safer… well, duh.

Yesterday, on my way home, some courier wannabe passed me on the right, only to get stuck at a red light 30 feet in front of us. I pulled up casually beside him and said (loudly, since he had headphones on), “You should try to pass on the left.” He said I was too far over to the left for him to pass (which is total BS), and so I told him he should have used his bell to let me know to squeeze right so he could pass. I looked down at his handle bars, and I don’t even think he HAD a bell. WHAT?!? Insanity, riding in the city without a bell. Also, completely illegal!!!

I says to him I says, “I’m just telling you what I’ve read about proper cycling.” He didn’t respond. The light turned green and off he went. I yelled after him, “Have a nice day!” I think I heard him say thank you.

I should’ve said, “If we all follow the rules, cycling in the city will be much safer.” Cause, really, that’s the whole point of having rules!


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