I don’t know why exactly, but today, I’m way less tolerant at my job than I normally am. I answer customer emails in the morning, and I understand that some people out there are as internet savvy as others, but today, it just seems like people out there (ebayers) are just plain moronic.

For example, someone asks:
“The camera is supposed to come with a cap to cover the lense opening. Do you have it?
How do you keep dust out if you don’t?”

My response had to be:
As stated in the description, and as is visible in the photos on eBay, this camera does come with a body cap.

This happens ALL THE TIME. READ THE GODDAMN DESCRIPTION PEOPLE! That’s why we take the time to WRITE the goddamn descriptions! YOU CAN READ, RIGHT?!?!

Here are some more…

Their Question: Hi is this a new strap?
My Answer: As stated in the description on eBay, this is a new strap.

Their Question: OK, one more quick question. Is this a Store demo camera, or one someone has owned for some time.
My Answer: This is a used camera, as is stated in the eBay auction title and description.

Their Question: Hi I just wanted to double check with you about a few things with regards to this item… 1. Is this item brand new? 2. What is your warranty policy on merchandise?
My Answer: As stated in the description on eBay, this is a new flash. Also, as stated in the description on eBay, the flash is covered by a one-year warranty from the manufacturer, which is Canon Canada.

Their Question: I hate bidding games. How much to buy this lens?
My Answer: Sorry- there’s no Buy it Now option on this auction. (But in my head I’m thinking- this is EBAY! Which is an AUCTION site. Auctions are won by BIDDING on the item being AUCTIONED OFF).

Their Question: I’m really apologize! Could you please cancel my bid for this Item because I didn’t relize that it is a used len.
My Answer: How could you not realize this was a used lens? It states so in the title, and again in the description. Please let me know how you failed to realize this was a used lens.

Yeah- so I lost it a bit on that last one. But I am genuinely curious as to how he could’ve missed the fact that this is a used lens. Meh.

Rant over. Day still has six and a half hours. FACK!



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