Hedgehogs Can Write?

The porn industry’s favourite rodent visited the Gladstone Hotel to promote his new book, Ron Jeremy: The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz. A couple friends and I decided to catch the interview with Eye Magazine’s Sasha Van Bon Bon, but unfortunately we were too late. Ron was still there, though, signing books, boobs, booties and whatever else you wanted his Sharpie to stroke. What I found funny was the swarm of guys around him. Of course, Mr. Jeremy is a hero in the eyes of most men between the ages of 25 and 65.

We didn’t get to hear the Hedgehog chatter, but we did see some strange woman’s nipple being bitten by Ron. She was a bit flustered, but hey, it’s Ron Jeremy! With 70s being porn projected onto the big screen on stage, it was hard to steer the conversation away from fornication. My friends and I shared some of our more memorable porn experiences.

My very first porno movie encounter was at a friend’s house when I was about 12. She had two older brothers, and the family was less than conservative. One afternoon, we happened upon her oldest brother watching a “video”. I tried not to look, but ended up getting an eyeful of sex- an extreme close up of penetration. This was my first visual proof, confirming what I’d read and been told about the act of lovemaking.

To my right, a friend told us about the first porno movie she saw. It involved fellatio between a man and a multi-tasking hermaphrodite. To my left, my friend told about how he once found a friend’s father’s porno mags. The dad was a gynecologist, and therefore, his fetish was with the opposite hole. Interesting first impressions! Makes me think, what kind of porn out there influenced you early on? Was it outrageous and scary? Or did you just browse the magazines to read the articles?

“It’s actually only this big,” he says.

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