Breakfast Review #6… The Brown Cow Restaurant.

It’s been a while! But we went somewhere new for breakfast on Sunday, and I brought my camera along. We walked over to Roncesvalles, and up to The Brown Cow Restaurant. It was damn cold that day, and the quick service of never-ending coffee was more than welcome. It was around 11am on Sunday, prime breakfast real estate, yet the place was almost empty. I didn’t really take note of that though, because I was admiring the simple, clean decor. Diner style booths and bar stools, with an industrial touch. I thought it was nice and utilitarian.

The menu was extensive… regular diner fare, with a bit of gourmet thrown in here and there with some flavoured aioli. I chose the chicken with avocado and brie on a triangle ciabatta and fries. First of all… the fries were amazing. Homemade, to be sure, and garlicky! They were awesome. The sandwich was good… but not as good as I’d hoped. I couldn’t even taste the avocado- it was in the “aioli”- and the bun was a bit too crusty. But I ate it all!

James and Stef each had omelets, which looked really tasty, with yummy sauteed mushrooms and other veggies. They said it was a bit greasy though. The price was pretty good… $8 for my sandwich and fries, and I think the bottomless coffee was only $1.50. The waitress was very nice, saying, “Excuse me,” before each question. There were flat screen TV’s playing some obscure MuchMoreMusic show with Brandon from 90210 and the guy from Ed, and I couldn’t decide if televisions in restaurants were a good idea.

SO- on a scale of 1 to 5. I’ll give the service a 5. The food a 3.5. The atmosphere a 4. Cleanliness a 5. Cost a 4. Overall- The Brown Cow gets a 21.5 out of 25!


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