Synchronisities Indeed

This morning we went to Sneaky Dee’s for breakfast. At some point, I usually read out all of our horoscopes as seen in NOW Magazine. Stef’s horoscope this week was eerily accurate. Mine was too, for that matter.

46 is your lucky number, Taurus, and you’re about to harvest about 46 tons of eerily delightful synchronicities.” — Honestly, I think there were 46 coincidences today. The timing of the TTC ride over to Sneak’s was way to perfect, and we bumped into people we knew every time we turned around. More than usual. Surprise phone calls and a fruitful trip to Value Village rounded out the fortunate afternoon.

By the way, there’s a lot more [water] over there,” and he points to the river. Do you hear him? If you hear him, do you believe him? Or do you keep walking, hoping to find another man with another glass somewhere up ahead? — James really just made my horoscope come true by pointing at the bowl of creamers on the table next to us and saying this to me, right after I asked the waitress to bring more creamers. LOL. By the way- I took the best pic ever of James today. He wasn’t goofing around or anything!


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