I Think I’ve Been Fairly Tolerant…

… with the TTC, until now. I’m usually very logical and lenient with the flaws of the TTC, and I normally blame the other TTC riders for how miserable the ride can be now and then. However, this morning, I couldn’t believe how bad the service was!

Bex and I arrived at the stop at our normal time, around 8:30am. Just as we were walking to the stop, a car went by. I had a sinking feeling that we should’ve run to catch the car, but alas. A few minutes later (more minutes than usual), another streetcar came along, but it was out of service.

A couple minutes later, another car came, with another car behind it. The first car was PACKED, but the second car was also out of service, so we tried to squeeze onto the back of the car in front. A tinny voice via intercom said, “Young lady, please step away from the back door of the streetcar.” Apparently, I wasn’t allowed on! Not sure why- it better have been because the car was already too full, because there are signs clearly posted saying the King car runs on a P.O.P. system- you can mount the car through the rear doors if you’ve got a valid pass or transfer.

The next car pulled up to the light, and everyone started to de-board. Apparently, this car was out of service as well. I asked the driver why and he pointed to some control panel that was opened up, and said it was too cold for it to operate. What??

Anyways- long story short, Bex and I scrambled around, trying to decide if we should just hop in a cab (except we couldn’t find one available), or if we should just hop on one of the SIX streetcars piled up at King and Dufferin now. It was 8:54am by the time we finally got onto a streetcar, and 9:30 by the time we got to Church Street. The car we were on announced they were short turning on Church, too.

So- all in all, I saw FOUR streetcars this morning that were out of service! We live in Canada folks! It gets cold! Why do I pay $100 a month to ride on streetcars that break down as soon as it gets cold? And why were only some of the cars out of order? Don’t they have like, a huge block heater or something?!?!?

Anyways- it was frustrating, to say the least. I was a half-hour late for work again today. Good thing no one keeps track!


7 thoughts on “I Think I’ve Been Fairly Tolerant…

  1. Yeah that was absolutely insane this morning. The TTC really needs some MAJOR improvements. The cars are constantly breaking down and clogging traffic. I wonder if there is any way to put them under ground or like on Spadina line, where they have a separate lane.I don’t know. I wish they would do something.

  2. I just called and complained (nicely).Even the girl said it was unusual for 4 ‘not in service’ streetcars to pass us, so she’s looking into it. Also, you can only board POP on the Queen line. It’s labeled on the doors you can, but they switch the cars throughout the day to different lines.Frustrating.

  3. Well- that’s totally gay. If the signs are up, I’m boarding on the back. Fuck the TTC and their “rules”! If they don’t want people boarding POP, they should come up with a better way of indicating where and when it’s possible. C’mon, it can’t be that hard. I pay $100 a month to ride the TTC. I know a lot of people that also pay the monthly pass fare. Where the fuck is all the money going!??! I know, I know… it’s expensive to run a transit system. But still!

  4. I’ve been hearing a lot of grumbling by many of my coworkers the last few days. The queen car has been really bad this week as well. I think part of the problem is the cold. There are more people trying to get on the street car every day. I know many of my coworkers walk from parkdale but it’s been to cold the last two weeks.and the queen cars have also been breaking down along the way. No easy solution.Maybe we should super heat the weather and make spring get here faster!My rule now, even though i get to work way too early, is that I leave my apartment by 820. no ifs and or buts.on a side note, this morning I decided for some INSANE reason to get off the street car at bathurst and walk to spadina. Worst part is, i didn’t know I’d made the desicion until i was already off the streetcar!

  5. You know what I did the other day? I was changing subway lines on St. George, and “my train” was waiting there for me, I ran to catch it, ready for 2 stops until Bathurst. I was reading NOW Magazine. I didn’t pay much attention to the first stop. On the second stop I was ready to get off, when I realized that I had taken the WRONG direction. I was on Bloor/Yonge already. I was so embarrased, I got off and ran to get the right train. Needless to say, when I got to the bar my friends were about to call me and find out why I wasn’t there yet.

  6. HAHA- I’ve done that before Maria… it sucks! But it’s not too bad, you just have to do the leg work and get to the other platform, unless is like Union where it’s all in the centre, then you’re golden.

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