Little Ol’ Invisible Me

I know I’m easily lost in a crowd, as in… I blend in, I’m fairly forgettable, etc… but lately, at work, it’s been getting a little ridiculous.

When I talk to a certain co-worker of mine, I get the feeling he’s not listening to me. I can say something to him, and then two minutes later he’ll repeat what I said, claiming he’d just thought of it himself! Here’s an example:

Him: This email is from a guy claiming the pinhole adapter we sold him doesn’t work on his camera.
Me: What camera does he have?
Him: (looks through the email again) Here’s the problem, he’s trying to put it on an A100. Of course it won’t fit on the A100.
Me: No- you’re thinking of the Minolta Dimage A100, which the adapter will not fit on. But it will fit onto the Sony Alpha A100 DSLR.
Him: The Sony Alpha isn’t the A100.
Me: Yes it is.

*two minutes later*

Him: OH! I get it! I was thinking of the Minolta point and shoot camera, the A100. He’s got the Sony Alpha A100, which the adapter should fit on!

See what I mean?!? BAH! So frustrating. Then, at the end of the day, he says to another co-worker, “Look what I found here- our Henry’s eBay info page is full of dead links, missing photos, and incorrect information!” It’s great that he’s actually looking for problems that need fixing, but I had pointed that exact page out to him the day before, noting the problems. BAAAAAAAAAAAH!

It’s like he doesn’t think I’m smart enough. Or, because I’m a woman, he just dismisses anything I say. Or, he wants to get credit for thinking of everything. I don’t know. There are so many improvements that need to be made here at work, things I’ve been mentioning for years (I’m not exaggerating… years). But of course no one listens to me!

However, I sent a list of “suggested improvements” to my boss yesterday, and he did actually just call me to tell me he looked it over, and will consider some of the ideas next week when he’s got more time. *sigh* Finally, some acknowledgment.


5 thoughts on “Little Ol’ Invisible Me

  1. Sounds like it’s nothing to do with you, and everything to do with this jerky guy. Ya gotta call him on when he repeats what you told him earlier.Be like , “uh, yeah, that’s exactly what I just said two minutes ago.”Make him feel stupid.Take cred for the great work you’re doing. Stand up to the jerk!That’s good that your boss got back to you on those issues. Keep on them, don’t give up.(for some reason I can’t publish comments under my blog name, so I have to use Anonymous)Bex

  2. Hey thanks Bex…Don’t worry- I call him on it.. and then make fun of him after he leaves! LOL- I know, probably not the most effective way of getting things done! He’s just horrible for interrupting, and talking over you… answering before the question is even finished being asked. I totally give him attitude… which, maybe sometimes isn’t a great idea, but he doesn’t seem to be holding a grudge at all, and I don’t either, so meh! Are you signing in with your gmail account or with your old blogger logon? I think that’s the problem…

  3. K- we’ll have to try sometime when we’re together… there’s gotta be a way! As it is, you’re not able to comment on Stef’s blog, because she doesn’t allow anon comments, right?! We must fix that!

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