Cool Things I’d Like To See

Stephen Lewis and David Suzuki: Monday, February 12th
Two Canuck heroes converse on the theme: If I were Prime Minister. $15/$20. Winter Garden Theatre. (Too bad the only seats left are nosebleeds.)

Evalyn Parry: Sunday, February 18th
Awesome multidisciplinary artist launches her new CD of folky witticisms at the Gladstone. $10.
(Evalyn is a friend of my cousin Allison, and I’ve seen her play before. She is awesome!)

Julie Doiron w/ Woolly Leaves: Tuesday, Feb. 20th
At the Drake Underground, $15
(Julie Doiron is the chic from Eric’s Trip… talented, talented girl)

A Visual Legacy: The City of Toronto’s Use of Photography, 1856-1997: on until September 22nd, 2007
The City of Toronto Archives, 255 Spadina Road, FREE
(the exhibition presents images that were commissioned by the City of Toronto or produced by the municipality’s official photographers between 1856 and 1997)

If anyone is interested in going to any of these events, let me know!!!


4 thoughts on “Cool Things I’d Like To See

  1. Oh this is cool. You seem to have your finger on what’s happening in the city I will be checking this out more. Have you listened to the CBC’s go to it girl. She usually reports on stuff like this happening on a daily basis. I also noticed that you are apart of a book club! My book club sucks, they ALL hated a Complicated Kindness! How can 8 people hate such a popular, well written, accessible book??? Kevin

  2. I’m sure I’ve heard “Go To It Girl” on the CBC, since the CBC is the only radio station I listen to now! But these particular events I found in NOW Magazine’s event listings… I get an email version sent to me each week… it’s pretty handy! Hey man, we’ve had our book club “moments” too… Generally we all agree when a book sucks (like <>The Question<>, by Austin Clarke- gawd that was awful). I haven’t read <>A Complicated Kindness<> yet… I had a notion to pick it last time it was my turn, but instead I chose <>The Time In Between<> instead (another Giller winner, that was just so-so 😦 ). Popular + Accessible doesn’t necessarily = good book… but if it’s well-written it deserves the hype it gets!

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