I’m sure you’ve all heard about the craziness that went on yesterday afternoon at King West Opticians. I found out about it on the streetcar home from work last night- the cars were being diverted up to Queen and when someone asked why, the non-driving TTC employee said there was a hostage situation! I couldn’t tell if he was joking or not, but there certainly was a lot of hoopla going on at the corner of King and Shaw.

Well, we all know that the owner of King West Opticians went crazy on CityTV’s Mr. Silverman, and was not-so-promptly arrested. I just kept thinking, “Was it really worth it?” To get so angry, and to have such consequences… did it feel that good to blow off steam (and throw some snowballs- how old are we, anyway?), to make being charged with assault and losing your business worth it?

But now I’m not so sure he’s going out of business… look what I got in the mail today!



6 thoughts on “Coinkidink

  1. when I first saw the news clip I thought it looked too staged to be real. The guy was so over the top yelling “Oops… did I hit you?”Well at least the question “what ever happened to Ryan Malcom after Canadian Idol?” has been answered.

  2. LOL, he kinda looked like Ryan Malcom, but not really. Too funny Kari! I got the same thing in the mail too and when I looked at it, I just started to laugh.I wonder if he will be opening his store up again.Bex

  3. LOLOL- I think that’s a great idea Stef! We should go and throw snowballs at his windows, and then poke our heads in and say, “OOPS! Did I just wallop your window with a snow ball?”

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