Happy Thoughts for Contented Spirits

In the last few days I’ve been informed of two deaths.

The first is a man I never actually met, and I’ve only met his girlfriend twice, but he seemed liked he was a really nice guy. His name was Jason, and he died of a brain aneurysm. Needless to say, Kylie, his gf, is pretty shaken up. Click HERE to see some pics of Jason’s visit to Toronto last December, that Kylie took.

The next gentleman was a closer friend. Actually, the younger brother of one of my best friends. Shayne (brother to Roxanne), passed away on Friday in his home in Alberta. It was sudden- he OD’d from his painkillers. Exactly the same thing that happened to my mom. So, to Roxanne and her family- all I can say is that I’m so sorry to hear that Shayne is gone… he was such a fun guy… always chatty and nice… and I have to admit to having a crush on him (even though he was like, WAY too young). Shayne will be missed by so many people, and it’s too bad he moved across the country for his last few months… but Rox tells me he was happy out there, and that’s the most important thing.

Like I said to Kylie- we need to keep the memories of these fair men alive, as that is the only guarantee to an immortal soul!


4 thoughts on “Happy Thoughts for Contented Spirits

  1. No problem… I was going to post something about him last week, but I figured I didn’t know him, so… it would’ve seemed weird. But then I found out that my friend’s brother passed away, so I wanted to mention both.

    Today I found out about another death, someone that used to work here. That’s the third… and the deaths that occur around me always happen in threes.

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