Questioning My Sincerity

This morning on the streetcar, I accidentally hit this woman in the head (repeatedly) with my elbow- but my coat is so thick, I honestly didn’t feel it. Well- she ‘gave it to me good’, and so I apologized profusely. Just then, Becky said, “Yeah Kari, keep your elbows to yourself,” and we all laughed. The woman got so angry, and refused to believe that I was truly sorry. I didn’t know what else to say!

If I were her, I probably would’ve gotten pissed too… but man- some people have to lighten up!

In spirit of streetcar boogies everywhere, Bex has compiled a list of streetcar etiquette. It’s pretty extensive. Check out her list!


2 thoughts on “Questioning My Sincerity

  1. Thanks K for posting a link to my blog.
    Looks like it’s a hot topic with some people out there!
    I don’t think I have ever got 12 comments on my blog before!


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