Exposure is Good!

Ha! I finally started adding some of my photos to the Torontoist Flickr pool and one of my shots got chosen for the Weekly Photo Roundup! Yipeee!!

Bex Takes a Breather

Also, shortly after I posted my photos from the Sloan concert on Saturday night (which was awesome, I’ll post about that in a bit), I noticed that someone from NowPublic is using them for an article they posted about Toronto’s WinterCity festival. I’m a little bit wary of the NowPublic site… it’s an open source news site- “citizen journalism”. The article in question is just a bunch of other news site stories gathered together, with a bunch of photos the author pulled off of Flickr. An easy peasy way to call yourself a journalist, I must say. Still- more people are going to see my photos, which I can’t complain about.



One thought on “Exposure is Good!

  1. Cool! Congrats K!
    That’s awesome that they picked your photo. I bet they will be picking more of your pics, because you have such a good eye!

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