House Guest = Energy Boost

Stef’s staying at my place for a bit, and I’m really finding it’s boosting my energy levels. Firstly, having someone stay as a house guest forces you to get up off your ass and clean… even though I was sick last Thursday, I still managed to clean at least the bathroom before she got here!

And so, on Saturday, we decided to walk to Value Village. It’s not like, a 90k bike trek or anything, but still! I took my camera along, and got a few interesting shots. We also walked through some neighbourhoods that I had never been in before (not entirely on purpose), so it was a learning experience, as well. You can see the rest of the pics I took by visiting my Flickr page:

We got to Val Vil and spent a good couple of hours browsing, laughing, trying stuff on, laughing. I scored a few good books- Spadework by Timothy Findlay, The Stone Diaries by Carol Shields and A Good House by Bonnie Burnard. I also grabbed a couple neat sweaters, some kitchen utensils, and James’ birthday present! Sweeeeeeeet. We took the bus home.

Yesterday, we walked to Squirly’s for some breakfast (well, brunch), and then ran some errands. And then, we watched the season premiere of 24. MAN! It’s gonna be a good season. More violent then ever, but it’s so fantastic, I can’t help but laugh.


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