A Conversation About Fish

I was sitting in my usual spot today on the streetcar (very back, window seat), and this Asian fellow sits beside me, all huffing and puffing… he cracked open a can of Coke (which I was sure would burst all over me- thankfully it didn’t), and he said, “It’s very freezing outside!”

I thought to myself, “Finally!” (Regarding the weather, not the Asian guy.) I was also hoping the guy wouldn’t try to start up a conversation with me. Alas.

We talked about fish. About how he just came from the Bay-Bloor library, where he was looking for books about fish. About how the biggest fish he ever caught was 9 lbs. (it’s true, he showed me a video on his phone). About how he’s going to drive to Vancouver, and catch a 120 lb. halibut, and mount it on his wall. And about how the biggest mackerel on record was bigger than the streetcar.

I told him I didn’t believe him about the 120 lb. halibut. My grandpa sold halibut at his fish and chip shop (London Pride Fish and Chips), and they were only like, 2 lbs., if that. But as I was looking for a pic to put in this post, I found this:


I had no idea.

I’m always wary about talking to people on the streetcar… I’m a bit shy around new people. But this conversation wasn’t that bad! LOL


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