Hook, Line and Sinker

If anyone out there is wondering why I haven’t posted in a while… it’s because I’m thoroughly addicted to the RPG game Neverwinter Nights. The original, not Neverwinter Nights 2 (I’m not about to spend that much money on a game, however, I can see why people would). The game is, needless to say, quite good. It’s like being in a movie. A really long, involved movie.

My character’s name is Krystle Waters, and she’s an 11th level sorcerer. She’s awesome, of course. She has a psuedodragon familiar, who’s name is Malkovich. She’s hired a henchman named Tomi Undergallows, who’s good for picking locks and disabling traps. And she usually travels with a dire bear that she’s summoned to help with her fighting.

So, because I like being engulfed in fantasy, I’m completely hooked.


3 thoughts on “Hook, Line and Sinker

  1. lol… been there done that for several years.. AC (aka Asheron’s Call), Final Fantasy VI, DDO (aka Dungeons and Dragons Online) and a few more oldies.

    My characters were always Wizards/Warlocks or Battle mages. Just something about being able to manipulate the area with a word or wave of the hand.

    Just don’t get to addictive to the RPG or you’ll walk out of your door one day wondering where all the years have gone. ^^


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