Home for the Holidays!

I can’t wait!!! Not that I don’t love Toronto. But when I go home… it’s UBER relaxing. And I don’t use the word “uber” lightly.

When I go home, I don’t have to worry about waking up to an alarm.
I don’t have to deal with the TTC or the irate customers at work.
I don’t have to think about what I’m going to eat for my next meal (or if I have to cook it).
I can watch satellite television, and not the crappy rabbit-ear reception I get here.
I can have a bath in their jacuzzi style tub, and not get attacked by my cheap shower curtain that insists on sticking to my legs when I turn the water on.
I can walk out the front door of my dad’s house and not be harassed by people asking for money.
When I look out the window, I see the lush yard full of flowers my step-mom keeps, and not the scummy apartment building across from me on Tyndall Ave.
I can see my family, who I know misses me a lot.
I can visit my friends from high school, and catch up on the good old times.

Ahhhh… I can’t wait. But like I said, I also love Toronto. It’s just a different kind of love!


3 thoughts on “Home for the Holidays!

  1. hey hye lady
    glad you are having a wonderful time at home!
    hope your new years is fantastic and i will see you in the very very near future.


    ps – can i crash at your place for a night??

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