Skating and Potluck

Friday we decided to hit the DJ Skate at the Natrel Rink at the Harbourfront Centre, and I decided to hit the ice as hard as I could with my left knee. Ouch! It was pretty painful… no more skating for me!! But it was awesome to see everyone else circling the rink, and to take some nice pics!

Yesterday we had our annual holiday potluck dinner. We ate dinner at Bex’s apartment, and did presents and had drinks at my place. It was a nice evening and we had a great time- I haven’t laughed so much in a loooong time! Good food, too- lasagna, stuffed peppers, enchiladas, apple pizza, hummous, cheese fondue, and lots of yummy cookies (including My Hanukkah Cookies).

And finally, here’s my Christmas Tree. It smells great. I bought it from a convenience store on Queen West near Dunn Street. Only $25! Isn’t it cute! A little on the “charlie brown” side (there are filler branches in there), but really not bad at all. Thanks to Bex for helping me walk it home through Parkdale singing Christmas carols!!

To see all the photos from skating and the potluck, click the link:


One thought on “Skating and Potluck

  1. hahahahahhaahahahahahah
    nice pics!
    I had a great time at the pot luck. Sooooo much great food, silly drinking games and lots of laughs.
    I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time, so much so my sides hurt and I gave myself a headache, but it was a good time.
    I can’t wait for next year!!

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